Confessions of A Recovering New Mom :

As a little girl growing up with dreams of one day being a mommy, you can’t ignore the stories women tell of childbirth. What I want to know is, how come no one talks about what happens AFTER that?! Not only did I not have the greatest idea of how the whole ‘delivery’ thing would go…(guilty of trying to apply makeup right before active labor – so naive), but the recovery process was not something I was prepared for either…

It’s not a popular topic among expectant mothers – but it’s an important one, and it’s different for every woman.  I have had only 1 child, vaginal birth, so my healing process was much different than those who delivered by CS.  What I can say is, no matter what your birthing experience, expect a time of healing to take place afterwards.  Don’t be naive like me and think that just because your in good shape and young that your body is going to bounce back in a matter of weeks. It wont.

I wasn’t mentally prepared for anything I experienced after the birth of my son.  I won’t be too detailed just in case any men where to stumble across this segment. But there were many things that would have been nice to be prepared for!

Here are a few:

  • The phrase ‘don’t look down’ applies here.  At least if you do, be prepared.
  • Sitting is a chore, and something you will give more thought to than ever before.
  • The hospital will give you supplies for use at home. You will use them. For longer than you would like.
  • The swelling makes you feel like something is wrong. A stitch is off or something. It will go away once things ‘get back to normal’.
  • Your body is still adjusting. I didn’t get one stretch mark until after Judah was born. Nor did I have to remove my wedding bands until after.
  • Showers will be your best friend. Nice. Hot. Showers. No baths for 6 weeks, so sitting in a relaxing shower is peaceful and helps with the healing process.
  • Accept help! As the oldest sibling I am famous for doing everything for myself. DON’T.
  • If your hurting keeps you from enjoying your new life, over the counter Tylenol 3 helps to knock off the edge and can be prescribed by your OB.

The best thing about everything above, is that when it’s all said and done – you would do it all a thousand times over just to hold that son or daughter for the first time again.  They are worth every bit of pain and discomfort it takes to bring them into your life!


This site gives more helpful tips and the inside to a few more delicate matters;

The Bump.com


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