74397_10100385119960417_114783089_n 482806_10100385120020297_904582701_n 486455_10100385120150037_2010259169_nIn March of 2012, Samuel and I decided to start trying for our first child.  It was right before we closed on our first home.  Over the summer, God began stirring us for change – and in November we accepted ministry positions in Visalia, CA.  By this time, we had been trying to get pregnant for 9 months & I saw pregnant mothers everywhere… 

When it was time to pack up and move to CA, it was the hardest day of my life.  Four days on the road, in separate cars before we finally reached our new home.  When we arrived, the weight of it all finally hit me and all I could do was cry into my burrito – which sadly, lacked of queso.

“How could I ever call this home?”

 Palm trees and authentic Mexican food – they were all new to me.  That night we went to our first service at Visalia First Assembly, our new community and family.  It was amazing; I felt connected and integrated just being in the room. We were the newest additions to the church and little did we know, we brought more than just two that weekend.  Six short days after settling into our new home, in our new city, in our new state, we got news that changed everything!

After all of the transition, I felt that bringing a baby into the mix would be too emotional.  I had been dealing with depression since arriving in CA and decided (myself) that the plans for a baby needed to be put on hold – at least until I could accept our new lives.  Ironically, the day I came to this conclusion was the day I found out God had already made us parents.

I have to be honest – in that moment, fear entered my heart.  I didn’t know whether to be thrilled or terrified.  After trying for 10 months, God had answered my prayers to be a mother!

It was one roller-coaster of emotions after another. Little did we know, the ride had just begun!


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